Workshop Italian Cooking

The owner of Villa Serrari, Marilou, is pleased to organise a Workshop Italian Cooking for lovers of Italian cuisine. You can arrange the workshop directly with Marilou on or shortly after arrival. She is an accomplished Italian cook and speaks English, German, French and Dutch fluently.

Happy cooking!

What happens the day of the workshop

Around 08:30 a menu will be agreed upon with the guests after a which joint shopping trip is done. Sometimes Marilou will bring hard to come by ingredients from Rome. Depending on the menu of choice small groups of two can be assigned to cook a specific part of the menu under supervision and with the assistance of the cook.

Around 13:00 the 3-course menu is served.


The price of the workshop is 80 euro plus the cost of the purchased ingredients (direct payment).


The workshop is for 6 participants. This way, each 2 participants can prepare an Italian dish.

Of course the lunch can be served for more than 6 people (up to 10 people).